Looking for warehousing, distribution and transportation services in Southern California? TransContinental is located in the Inland Empire, Ontario CA and has a full service warehousing facility!

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   Transcontinental Warehousing, Inc. offers the latest in Inventory Control Software providing real time inventory tracking capabilities among other great inventory tools for our customers.

By utilizing software developed by Traker Systems™, all of our in house Inventory Control Management is simple to read and use, providing accurate information of all warehouse activity. Customers who use the e-Traker™ Module can have secure access to view and track inventory and activity 24/7 and can email specific shipping or receiving instructions to customer service at any time of day.

Some additional features of the Traker Inventory Control System™, our customers can expect are as follows:


   Inbound Receiving

  • Complete Inbound Receipt Documentation

  • Automatic or Manual Lot Number Assignment

  • Lot Tracking

  • Backorder Capability

  • All Product Information is entered and store for future use and calculations.

  • Such items as Inbound P.O.'s, Pallets, and Inbound Carriers are kept with each Inbound Record.



   Outbound Shipments

  • Withdrawn Automatically or Manually using LIFO or FIFO.

  • Complete picking slips, Bills of Lading and Packing Slips with each shipment.

  • Shipments are posted daily or reserved for future ship dates.

  • Outbound tracking by date, Bill of Lading Number, Customer or Item.

  • All product information associated with products is carried forward to each outbound order.



   Inventory Control

  • Inventory Control records are updated automatically.

  • Date sensitive products are tagged automatically to prevent shipments of expired product.

  • Multiple warehouse tracking capabilities.

  • Product Recalls can be tracked by item #, lot #, production code, date or shift, carrier or consignee.



Warehouse & Distribution Costs

  • Complete and flexible invoicing capabilities.

  • Invoicing for Short Term Storage, Long Term Recurring Storage and Handling Charges.

  • Invoice by Container, Case, Pallet, Cube or Square Foot.

  • Easy to read invoicing.

Bar Coding and Labeling

  • Interface with specific hardware for UCC128 and ASN 856 Labeling.

  • Capability to create custom labels to fit your particular needs.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Inventory Traker™, provides our customers a rich set of reports and forms for any situation. We provide a comprehensive set of analysis tools to assist your evaluation process concerning your inventory. Samples of some of the reports offered are attached to this summary for your review.

  In an effort to provide our customers with the latest technology, but at the same time is user friendly and easy to understand, we have teamed up with Traker Systems™ for all of our Warehousing, Distribution and 3PL software applications.

Ask your Transcontinental Warehousing, Inc. representative for more information about our services and our systems that can make Transcontinental your
“Warehousing and Distribution Solution”.


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