Looking for warehousing, distribution and transportation services in Southern California? TransContinental is located in the Inland Empire, Ontario CA and has a full service warehousing facility!

Transcontinental Warehousing, Inc.

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Main Offices &
Multiple Facilities through out the Inland Empire

Mailing Address
PO Box 657
Sun City, CA 92586


US Toll Free: (800) 290-4937
Within California:
(909) 550-0050
(909) 533-2278



General Information



Customer Orders x 1005-1006 orders@transcn.com
Operations - Ron Holguin Jr. x 1005 rhj@transcn.com
Office Auto Attendant x 1004 info@transcn.com
Ron Holguin Sr. x 1006 rholguin@transcn.com
Warehouse Manager - Ronald Holguin, Jr x 1005 rhj@transcn.com
Sales - John Jurgensen x 1004 info@transcn.com
Customer Service x 1005-1006 orders@transcn.com

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